air drag coefficient

air drag coefficient
коэффициент сопротивления воздуха

loss coefficient — коэффициент потерь

thrust coefficient — коэффициент тяги

flow coefficient — коэффициент расхода

mode coefficient — модовый коэффициент

overal coefficient — общий коэффициент

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  • drag coefficient — i. Nondimensional coefficient equal to total drag divided by 1/2ρV2 S, where ρ is density, V is indicated air speed, and S is surface area of the body. ii. A coefficient representing the drag on a given airfoil or other body or a coefficient… …   Aviation dictionary

  • coefficient of drag (CD)/drag coefficient — A coefficient dependent upon the angle of attack, shape of the airfoil, Reynolds number, and Mach number. Drag coefficient (CD ) = Drag (D)/Dynamic Pressure (q) or {1 /2 (Density (ρ) × Air Speed2 (V2 ) × Wing Area (S). CD = D/qS, or 2D/ρV2 S …   Aviation dictionary

  • drag coefficient — noun the ratio of the drag on a body moving through air to the product of the velocity and the surface area of the body • Syn: ↑coefficient of drag • Hypernyms: ↑coefficient * * * noun : a factor representing the ratio of the aerodynamic drag… …   Useful english dictionary

  • drag coefficient — Aerodynamics. the ratio of the drag on a body moving through air to the product of the velocity and surface area of the body. Also called coefficient of drag. * * * …   Universalium

  • drag coefficient — /dræg koʊəˈfɪʃənt/ (say drag kohuh fishuhnt) noun Fluid Dynamics the number which represents the resistance of an object to flow in a fluid environment such as air or water …   Australian English dictionary

  • Automobile drag coefficient — The drag coefficient is a common metric in automotive design, where designers strive to achieve a low coefficient. Minimizing drag is done to improve fuel efficiency at highway speeds, where aerodynamic effects represent a substantial fraction of …   Wikipedia

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